Kitchen - The heart of the home

Have you ever stopped and wondered why family and friends all tend to congregate in the kitchen?  You can't tell me this never happens in your home.  

What is is about kitchens?  What evokes the mysterious magnetic attraction to this area of the home?

The standard household kitchen was designed for preparing and cooking meals, however, over the past few decades, the kitchen has slowly but surely morphed into the epicentre of the home.

The kitchen provides a venue to store and prepare foods.

The kitchen provides a space for family activities - cooking and baking.

The kitchen provides a family space where you can all congregate.

The kitchen is a must have room in your home.

The kitchen sets the tone for your home.

There are a few things you need to think about when planning your kitchen.  The vibe - the colours and finishes in your kitchen may dictate how much latitude you have here.  It might be a highly decorated space for baking sweets and treats, it might be a rustic space with natural elements or a contemporary space.  The details - you need a few well-chosen pieces such as your cabinets, countertops, storage, lighting, plug outlets and flooring.

If your've spent lockdown re-organising your kitchen space, you're not alone.  You may be pondering the idea of transforming your existing space, making your kitchen work for you better.  

There are many aspects to a great kitchen design and we can put you in touch with a designer who specialises in kitchens.

The heart of the home!