New Zealand Gynaecological Cancer Foundation

Women's Cancer Awareness...

Every year in New Zealand over 1,000 women are diagnosed with 1 of the 5 gynaecological cancers. 

Over 500 die from one of these and this is on the rise!

1 person dies of ovarian cancer every 48 hours in New Zealand.  Did you know that is higher than our melanoma rates!!!  Out of the 5 gynaecological cancers, ovarian cancer has the highest rate of deaths.

There's still a certain degree of embarrassment associated with discussing our nether regions.  It is NZGCF's mission to empower women to be able to openly talk about their gynaecological health without suffering the kind of embarrassment we're all used to and to simultaneously raise awareness for the signs and symptoms associated with the 5 gynaecological cancers.

K&B plumbing Ltd have supported the NZGCF for over 10 years and continue to do so, you too can help us save lives!

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K&B plumbing Ltd have proudly supported Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust since 1996 and continue to do so.  The Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust is a team made up of a dedicated group of operational and support staff working together to provide a world-class air rescue service for the communities of Greater Auckland, its outer islands and the Coromandel Peninsula.  Saving lives!