Frequently Asked Questions

I have a high water bill... +

If your water bill seems higher than normal and you have received notice from watercare, these are a few tips on how to check for leakages:

* Check for any dripping taps, inside and outside (hose taps)

* Check all toilets, are they running continuously?

* Check your hot water system.  Is there water dripping more than normal from the hot water overflow on the roof?

* Walk around your property outside, look for wet patches, is the garden/grass looking very lush in one particular   area, check your gardens for excess water, puddles.

* Check your water meter and water main connections.  There could be excess water sitting in your water meter box.

* Listen for running water.

My hot water cylinder is leaking... +

If your hot water system has any leaks, small or large, we recommend you call us and arrange a time for your hot water system to be checked.

I have a blocked sink... +

You can attempt to plunge the line but not too vigorously as you may damage the pipe work.  

We DO NOT recommend the use of acid.  It doesn't eat through food scraps and can affect pipe work and creates a hazard for our plumbers.

If you still have issues, give us a call and arrange a time suitable for our plumber to attend.

Why do the pipes make noise when we turn a tap on... +

The problem could be a loose pipe that is vibrating when water flows through it making a noise inside your walls, ceilings or under your house.

You may have a faulty tap or faulty non-return valve, in any case give us a call and arrange a time for our plumber to investigate.

How do I read my water meter at home... +

* Ensure no water is used at all in the home before reading your meter.

* Locate your water meter (normally located near the front boundary of your property)

* Lift the lid (normally black/blue) and look for the reading dial (sometimes under a flip cover)

* Read the meter and write down all the numbers (read from right to left)

* Wait one hour then read the meter again and write down all the numbers (DO NOT use any water in the house during this period)

* Subtract the first set of numbers from the second set of numbers, if they are significantly different, then you have a leak.  Give us a call and arrange a time for our plumber to attend.

I have a dripping tap... +

There are many different brands of taps/mixers available and most have a specific cartridge.  Not all cartridges fit all taps.  Give us a call and arrange a time for our plumber to service your tap/mixer.