Install a Rheem

The popular Rheem Lazer Eco unit is a cost-effective boiling water appliance designed for a wide range of installations, such as the workplace or sports clubs. 

It is economic to its core.  An easy to use appliance with a one-touch button to switch on 'Eco Mode' which automatically turns the unit to sleep for two hours after use, reducing power consumption.

5 Reasons to pick a Lazer water boiling unit

  • Available in 3, 5 and 7.5L capacities meaning you can choose what size will suit your needs
  • Eco Mode button control provides a cost-effective and efficient water heating system, saving on your energy bill.
  • An easy to use modern system complete with timers and controls to make sure you only heat water during the hours you want and heats up to temperature you want.
  • Lower carbon footprint by producing hot water simpler, cheaper and easier than with an old water heating method
  • The new range of Lazer water heaters are not just technologically smart but visually attractive and will look great as an addition to your kitchen area.

If your workplace or sports clubs needs an upgrade of a water heating system, it's time to seriously consider installing a new Rheem Lazer water heater unit. 

For more information or a quote: 

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